We picked up two 2 pound tri tip roast at Costco yesterday and another 2 pound roast at Metropolitan Market (since we were having guest over).   This will be our first attempt at cooking a tri tip (period) on the Big Green Egg.   Last night I started by marinating the two roast we had in a bottle of spicy teriyaki sauce (the next time I go to West Seattle Thriftway, I'll make a point of getting the specific brand and I'll update this post).   The roast look great–even the last one we added this morning.

As I write this, the roast are out of the fridge to get closer to room temp.  This should take about 1 hour or so.

We are planning on searing the tri-tips at approx 600 degrees on both sides and smoking for about 45 minutes over indirect heat until it's medium rare. 

I'm hoping to update this post as we proceed with the recipe.