Our friends made the most amazing smoked pork nachos to munch on while watching the Seahawks game… it was so tasty, I’m amazed we had left overs. They were too delicious to toss so we wrapped up them in foil to make migas for breakfast.

2014-09-15 07.43.47
This was my first attempt and it turned out great. In fact, I will probably make too much nachos for now own just knowing we can have migas in the morning! Again, this is one of those recipes that I’m a little embarrassed to be posting on a recipe site as it’s so simple to make. Ready?

I added some olive oil and butter to a large non-stick pan. Then add the left over nachos. I broke them up a bit so it wouldn’t be one massive lump of nacho with eggs around it. Reheat the nachos in the pan, gently stirring. ¬†You can see the nachos I’m working with here are beautiful = we’re talking smoked pork, peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, cheese, and of course, chips. I think any type of nachos would work for this dish.

2014-09-15 07.53.06
Beat enough eggs to cover your nachos in the pan. I used about 4-6 eggs and I added a couple tablespoons of half and half (milk would work fine too). Add salt and pepper to the eggs and then pour over the nachos in the pan, stirring the eggs into the mixture.

Once the eggs are set, I topped with more shredded cheese and chopped green onions.

2014-09-15 08.01.01

Serve with your favorite salsa, sour cream, guac and/or avacados. Enjoy!