My apologies for how dusty this blog has become… my “day job” has kept me pretty busy and we recently finished a complete kitchen remodel. The kitchen remodel includes a combi-steam oven and I also recently picked up an Instant Pot…let’s just say I have plenty of things to share on this blog so watch for future post.

Here’s a picture of my old kitchen. You’d have to zoom close up to see that the cabinets were really in need of some TLC. We have a flat coated retriever who likes to come into the kitchen and shake. It was a real pain trying to keep those lower whites looking nice.

The countertops were a white Corian – which was great for taking a lot of abuse.  The appliances needed updating too… we did keep our dishwasher.

Anyhow… I will post more later about the remodel. I just wanted to give this blog a little nudge to say “I’m back!!!”