Big Green Egg

Stuffed Poppers

Editors Note: This is another reprint from my main blog…but I thought with all the upcoming football games–this is a must share!  I understand you can grill these up on a Big Green Egg…which I PROMISE I will try soon! For the first time, I made stuffed poppers and they were delish (if you like spicy food).  They were devoured while we watched the Seahawks beat the Indians yesterday! I learned through my experiment,...

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Smoked Pork Butt for a Cancelled Christmas Party

The Seattle snow we received forced our holdiay party to be cancelled…too much snow and ice to be driving to a friends home.  We had planned on bringing pulled pork to this event (where my husband is a manager and pulled pork was his suggestion)…which means we were up at 5:30 this morning in the freezing snow to get this bbq party started.  I've written about smoked pork butt/shoulder here before… but since I...

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Whole Turkey on the Big Green Egg

Yes, I know Thanksgiving was a few days ago…but I didn't get to cook a turkey since we went to our families homes.  I'm toying with smoking a Turkey for Christmas (or maybe a ham) so I thought I'd give it a whirl today.  I have my Big Green Egg at 325 degrees with the place-setter in (indirect grilling).  My 13.5 pound turkey has been loosely stuffed with a half of sweet onion, chunks of celery stalk, a...

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Our first pizza on the Big Green Egg

After attending Culinary Communion’s Pizza Class (which was a lot of fun; check out the photos) I decided to re-attempt pizza on our BGE. The dough recipe is from CC, you can find recipes for dough and great tips for cooking pizza on a Big Green Egg here.  Cool trick I learned is that my Meile oven has a "proof" setting to help bread rise…which was needed in my drafty cool kitchen. I’m using a place setter with...

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Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg

I love ribs.  In fact, I think I need to create a "ribs" category! It could be my favorite and it's pretty hard to beat tender baby back pork ribs that have been smoking for a few hours on the Big Green Egg.  This is really a pretty simple recipe.  It just takes some time and patience.   I'll be publishing this post (live) as I go along. 3:15 pm I am applying a dry rub to the ribs.  I really...

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Smoked Turkey Breast on the Big Green Egg

First I’m brining the turkey breast (which 4 lbs) in approx. 2 cups apple juice 2 cups water 1 tablespoon chipotle w/sauce 1/4 cup sea salt 3 bay leaves 2 tablespoons honey 1/2 sweet onion roughly chopped The turkey breast is soaking in the brine in the fridge for a couple hours.  Overnight would be better but if  you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know I usually don’t plan that far ahead! I mixed...

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Beef Rib Eye Roast on the Big Green Egg

Most of the recipes I'm writing about the BGE are experiments.  (I guess that's a warning to proceed with caution).   We went to Costco this weekend to stock up on the essentials.   I don't normally buy meat at Costsco, due to our economy…I thought I'd check it out–they actually have an impressive selection.  I picked up a boneless rib eye roast for for $24.00 (3.45...

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Pulled Pork on the Big Green Egg

It is a beautiful sunny morning in Seattle in October!  Since it’s the weekend, my husband has decided to wake up early and go fishing with our neighbor.  Now, it’s not that I don’t have faith in his fishing abilities (he’s 0 for 0 right now); I just think it’s a great opportunity to fire up the Big Green Egg and attempt a smoke up some pork.  If hubby lands some salmon, the pork will be great for...

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Wings for the Seahawks

Let’s hope they win…Seattle is in dire need of a sports team we can cheer for!  I’m just home from the store and have purchased about 3 pounds of organic chicken wings.  The organic wings seem to be meatier and better tasting IMO.  (I do prefer organic foods whenever possible).   I have generously spiced  them using Emeril’s Essence (Bayou Blast).   And the Big Green Egg is heating...

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Buffalo Turkey Wings (and Drumsticks)

I have scoured the internet in search of a recipe for giant turkey buffalo wings cooked on a smoker.   I  think it’ll be fun to devour humongous turkey drumsticks and wings.  This is an experiment and I hope it works well enough to share.  There’s all ready one flaw with my experiment: time.  In spite of that, it’s 5:00 and I’m just throwing these bad boys on our Big Green Egg.  This...

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