Chicken Cacciatore with Sausage

A new family favorite is my Chicken Cacciatore.  Adding store bought (behind the deli counter) chicken Italian sausage is almost cheating as it adds so much flavor to the sauce. Heat oven to 275. 3 – 4 Italian chicken sausage (I've done all spicy or a combo of spicy and sweet).    Brown saugage in olive oile in big pan/pot.   Remove to glass backing dish. Season 1 cut up frying...

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Chicken and Sausage Paella on the Big Green Egg

  We had family over earlier this month to celebrate Mothers Day and May birthdays.  I love seafood paella but wasn't sure if the rest of my family would be okay with it so I decided to make a chicken version instead and serve clams cataplana on the side.  It was a hit!  I think it really helps to have everything prepped in advance when making paella.  The night before I marinated the...

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

We recently made bbq'd pizzas on the Big Green Egg for a summer time party.  My friend had asked me if I had ever had Buffalo Chicken pizza (bbq chicken pizza was all ready on the menu) as we were shredding chicken the night before.   I also used store bought pizza dough (gasp!) from Trader Joe's–it was great!   We're luckly to have a TJ's located a couple miles away in Burien (we'd...

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Jambalaya Risotto

This recipe is an experiment because I just discovered that I'm out of my plain old white rice and I'm planning on making jambalaya tonight.  If I've published this recipe, that means it didn't turn out so bad! chicken thighs (3 or 4) Emeril's Essence or other creole seasoning 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 pound chopped tasso 1/2 pound sliced andoullie sausage 1 cup sweet onion – chopped 1 cup celery –...

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Hi-Brow Chardonnay-Butt Chicken on the Big Green Egg

Kind of funny to say hi-brow and butt in the same title…this is a different version than the ever popular "beer butt" chicken.   I've made this dish w/beer or wine.  It just depends on what's available in the fridge. I have the Big Green Egg at 200 degrees with some soaked applewood chips.  The inverter is on (legs up) with the grill on top of that. Fill ceramic stands with chardonnay about 3/4...

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Wings for the Seahawks

Let’s hope they win…Seattle is in dire need of a sports team we can cheer for!  I’m just home from the store and have purchased about 3 pounds of organic chicken wings.  The organic wings seem to be meatier and better tasting IMO.  (I do prefer organic foods whenever possible).   I have generously spiced  them using Emeril’s Essence (Bayou Blast).   And the Big Green Egg is heating...

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