Left-over Nacho Migas

Our friends made the most amazing smoked pork nachos to munch on while watching the Seahawks game… it was so tasty, I’m amazed we had left overs. They were too delicious to toss so we wrapped up them in foil to make migas for breakfast. This was my first attempt and it turned out great. In fact, I will probably make too much nachos for now own just knowing we can have migas in the morning! Again, this is one of those recipes that...

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Crab Pot Chowder

What do I do IF I have any leftovers from a crab boil?  Make chowder, of course! Here's my recipe for tonight's chowder: Chop left over andoullie (or other sausage that you used in the boil) and saute in butter in a large pot.  I added some mushrooms that I had hanging around in my fridge along with one sweet onion (diced).  The onion was not from the boil – although I did salvage some onion and garlic....

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Spicy Red Beans and Rice

We smoked a ham on our Big Green Egg to compliment the family's turkey this Thanksgiving which means we have the benefit of the ham bone and leftovers!  Typically I like to make a white bean soup but I decided to try something that would be extra pleasing to my hubby and perfect for watching football:  Red Beans and Rice. I used this recipe for Red Beans and Rice on Epicurious for a base.  Here are...

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Pork Pot Pie…from leftovers!

I made this recipe with left-overs from my fridge: two left over pork chops (loin rib roast that were roasted w/rosemary and garlic earlier) roasted left over potatoes and fennel (from the rib roast mentioned above) half a honeycrisp apple green onions fresh rosemary butter Wondra half and half chicken broth frozen peas parmesean Heat oven to 375. I did have to buy a few ingredients. I started with a small package of pancetta and fried it...

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Di’s Turkey Weekend Potato Corn Chowder

Editor's Note:  I'm pleased to present another Guest Chef, Di Kawell.  Di is a long time friend and real estate agent at Windermere West Campus in Federal Way.   This was another case of hearing about her delish dinner on Facebook…so I asked her to share her recipe–voila!   4 decent sized servings Cook in large soup pot on stovetop...

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What to do with leftover tomato paste

I use tomato paste and canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce quite often with my cooking.  However recipes that I use rarely call for using an entire can (even the small cans).  I just hate wasting food…so I’ve started freezing what I don’t use in the recipe (paste/chilies).  I just dump it in a freezer bag and when my next recipe calls for that ingredient, I simply cut off a chunk of how ever much I need.

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