Red Rice and Beans

I whipped this up to accompany the carnitas tacos I made today. Since this dish was super easy and it's receiving rave reviews, I thought I'd better write it down fast before I forget what I made!  This is another "pantry" dish.  I started with a little olive oil and butter in a fry pan. Then added about 1/4 cup (or more) of chopped sweet onion.  Saute for a couple minutes and then add 1 cup of white rice....

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Chicken Cacciatore with Sausage

A new family favorite is my Chicken Cacciatore.  Adding store bought (behind the deli counter) chicken Italian sausage is almost cheating as it adds so much flavor to the sauce. Heat oven to 275. 3 – 4 Italian chicken sausage (I've done all spicy or a combo of spicy and sweet).    Brown saugage in olive oile in big pan/pot.   Remove to glass backing dish. Season 1 cut up frying...

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What to do with leftover tomato paste

I use tomato paste and canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce quite often with my cooking.  However recipes that I use rarely call for using an entire can (even the small cans).  I just hate wasting food…so I’ve started freezing what I don’t use in the recipe (paste/chilies).  I just dump it in a freezer bag and when my next recipe calls for that ingredient, I simply cut off a chunk of how ever much I need.

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Basic Bruschetta with Tomatoes

We love to grow our own tomatoes in pots (since we don’t have a yard).  Once the tomatoes are ripe enough to eat, chances are they’re going on bruschetta.   Here’s a super simple recipe that’s so basic, I’m almost embarrassed to write a post about it. Bruschetta is a great use of day old bread.  A bagette is ideal, however I’ve used many different types before.  Slice bread into...

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