We love to grow our own tomatoes in pots (since we don’t have a yard).  Once the tomatoes are ripe enough to eat, chances are they’re going on bruschetta.   Here’s a super simple recipe that’s so basic, I’m almost embarrassed to write a post about it.


Bruschetta is a great use of day old bread.  A bagette is ideal, however I’ve used many different types before. 

  • Slice bread into 1/2 inch slices (or smaller).  You’re going to be piling topings on the toast and as this is a "finger food" it’s nice to have it small enough to where it can actually fit in your mouth.
  • Brush one side with olive oil (I add some minced garlic and sea salt to the oil before brushing).
  • Place on cookie sheet and toast in 425 degree oven.  Flip over once golden on and toast the other side of the bread.

The toppings for bruschetta are endless.  This recipe is for "simple" bruschetta and it’s as delishous as it is easy to make.

  • Top each toast (bruschetta) with a fresh basil leaf and a slice of tomato. 
  • Drizzle with a (nice quality) olive oil.
  • Salt and pepper.  I’m a junky when it comes to seasoned salt (such as truffle, saffron, smoke, etc).  I like to top this with either truffle salt or Sale alle Erbe della Marlunghe.   You can find these salts at Metropolitan Market, West Seattle Thriftway or most grocery stores.

Fresh slices of mozzerella or parmesan shavings would be a great addition.  I was out of both.