Beef Rib Eye Roast on the Big Green Egg

Most of the recipes I'm writing about the BGE are experiments.  (I guess that's a warning to proceed with caution).   We went to Costco this weekend to stock up on the essentials.   I don't normally buy meat at Costsco, due to our economy…I thought I'd check it out–they actually have an impressive selection.  I picked up a boneless rib eye roast for for $24.00 (3.45 pounds)…and it's a beauty.

2:45 the roast is out of the fridge and I've ground fresh pepper and I'm using a seasoned sea salt.

3:30 the roast is on the Big Green Egg which is currently at 300 degrees with indirect heat.  It is on a rack in a drip pan.  The drip pan has about a cup of beef broth and a cup or more of red wine.

6:30 the roast is at 145 degrees internally and I've closed the vents on the BGE.  Note: I cooked the prime rib closer to medium since we have our three teens eating this dinner with us.  Otherwise, I probably would have shot for 130-135 degrees.

6:45 the roast is in the kitchen with a foil tent while I finish the potatoes and carrots.

7:00 dinner is served.  The roast has so much flavor–it's incredible.  Everyone was thrilled with dinner.   It's another one of those "gobbled up too quick before I could take a photo". 

Update December 8, 2008: I made a prime rib roast for my Mom's birthday dinner last night.  This time I went for medium rare at 115 and that was probably too rare for me.  The ends were done more–next time, I'm going to shoot for 130 internal degrees.   This roast had minced rosemary, garlic, fresh pepper and sea salt with olive oil rubbed into it.  The flavor was great–just a wee bit too rare for my personal taste.

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  1. tonight we’re doing bone in rib eye roast on the BGE. It’s just at 130 degrees internal…we’ll see how it pans out.

  2. Thanks for posting your recipe! Tried it tonight with a Rib Eye Roast for my father and the family for Father’s Day. Big hit! Seasoned with Penzey’s Chicago Steak Rub and cracked pepper. Cooked to 140 (kids attending) – next time going more like 130.

  3. Did almost everything identical, including Costco trip! Thanks for tips since I was not used to buying this portion of meat. I firmly believe the BGE makes a chef of all who choose this grill, given you are acute on what works, maintaining temps, and using meat thermometers. Cheers!

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