Pulled Pork on the Big Green Egg


It is a beautiful sunny morning in Seattle in October!  Since it’s the weekend, my husband has decided to wake up early and go fishing with our neighbor.  Now, it’s not that I don’t have faith in his fishing abilities (he’s 0 for 0 right now); I just think it’s a great opportunity to fire up the Big Green Egg and attempt a smoke up some pork.  If hubby lands some salmon, the pork will be great for sandwiches tomorrow.  It’s a win win as far as I’m concerned.

It’s 10:45 am and I’m probably and I may be too late getting this bad boy on the grill.  It’s amazing how long serious BBQ’s will smoke their pork–we’re talking 18 hours!  The piece I’m working with isn’t very large…so I’m hoping dinner will be done around 6 or 7 tonight.

I have a 4.5 pound boneless pork shouder rubbed with Tom Douglas Pork Rub with Love.

The Big Green Egg is at 225% and I’ve added hickory and apple wood chips.  I’m BBQing indirect with the inverter plate.  (Sadly, I don’t have an extra pan to use for a water-drip pan.  Drats.  If I go to the store later, I may add that).  The trick is going to be keeping the heat down.

I’ll keep updating this post as needed today…

It’s now just before 5:00 pm and my husband is home fish-less in Seattle.  The pork looks great and it hasn’t been too difficult to keep the heat low.  Right now the internal temp is around 150…so I have a ways to go…I’m shooting for 190 (and I might cave and finish it in an oven…we’ll see).   I’ve also added more soaked woodchips.

5:45 pm and the pork is still 150.  Patience (it’s only been 7 hours)…time for a glass of Pinot Noir ~ 2005 Matrix from the Russian River Valley.   6:15 and we’re at 159 degrees.  Oh I can’t stand it!  15 more minutes and I might pull it off to rest. 

7:00 pm and it’s 170 and off the grill.  I let it rest for a half hour (while our fries are cooking in the oven).   The pork taste great–everyone loves it…BUT it would be even better IF I would have left it on longer.   I’ll start earlier next time.

PS: We’re having left overs on toasted buns with melted co-jack for lunch today.  Delish!


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  1. I’m attempting this dish again tonight. I’m at 167 degrees at 5:10 pm–so I’m ahead of the game. This one is about the same size and went on just after 12 (issues with our electric starter). But I’m cooking it just under 300 degrees–so slightly warmer than the last time. I’ll be basting this bad boy with a maple chipolte sauce after a bit.

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