Wings for the Seahawks

Let’s hope they win…Seattle is in dire need of a sports team we can cheer for!  I’m just home from the store and have purchased about 3 pounds of organic chicken wings.  The organic wings seem to be meatier and better tasting IMO.  (I do prefer organic foods whenever possible).   I have generously spiced  them using Emeril’s Essence (Bayou Blast).   And the Big Green Egg is heating up to around 300 degrees using indirect grilling.  Since I’m going to dip these baby’s in Franks hot sauce, I’m not seeing the need of using any wood chips.

Turn wings after 45 minutes on grill and grill for 45 minutes longer.  Then, baste Franks Hot Wing Sauce and leave on grill for about 20 minutes more.  I only brush the sauce one one side for a couple of reasons…(1) I don’t like to have the sauce burn once flipped (2) I don’t like flipping meats too often (they loose their juices) and (3) it’s going to get a fresh coat of sauce (see the next step) once they’re off the grill.

Remove wings and place in bowl.  Drizzle Franks Hot Wing Sauce to coat.

Serve with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.

It was a big hit…much bigger than today’s game (so far…we have about 10 minutes left).  No photo to share of this dish this time…they were consumed too quickly!

Note: if you can’t find Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce in your grocery store, you can substite with this recipe.

Update 10/19/08: We’re having this for dinner tonight except this time, I’ve added drumsticks and I brined this in buttermilk and Franks hotsauce for about 3 hours…it’s fantastic (juicy, spicy and smoky).  Here’s a photo before the chicken is dunked into it’s final bath of Franks.  I served this with blue cheese dressing, celery and carrot sticks and sliced apples.


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  1. I’m making wings for Superbowl! They’ve been soaking in the buttermilk/Frank’s mixture as noted on 10/19/2008. Even if our Seahawks aren’t playing… we can still enjoy a good game with good eats!

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