I love ribs.  In fact, I think I need to create a "ribs" category! It could be my favorite and it's pretty hard to beat tender baby back pork ribs that have been smoking for a few hours on the Big Green Egg.  This is really a pretty simple recipe.  It just takes some time and patience.   I'll be publishing this post (live) as I go along.

3:15 pm I am applying a dry rub to the ribs.  I really like Tom Douglas Rub with Love.  While the ribs sit absorbing the spicy goodness, I'm going to heat up the BGE to around 250 degrees and I have wood chips soaking.

4:00 pm the ribs are on (racked).  Slight delay…neighbors came over for a welcomed visit.  BGE is at 275.

5:00 pm just checked and the ribs are cookin' along just fine at 250.

5:40 pm trying to decide if I'm going to grill corn or throw in some fries.  Ugh.  Decisions…maybe I should just do both!  Or not.  I'm a woman…I can be indecisive.

6:20 pm I have removed the ribs from the rack and they are laying on the grill (place setter/indirect still in-place…I could maybe should wrap them in foil and sauce them…but I'm not).  I just slathered them in sauce.   I would love to say I made the sauce but beyond mixing some left over Uncle Todd's BBQ Sauce with mostly Raspberry Chipotle, I didn't…it's store bought.

6:50 pm another basting of mostly raspberry chipotle sauce and I have fries in the oven and corn on the stove (yah, I should be grilling it…but I'm just not wanting to stand outside right now…wah).

7:15 pm Ribs are off and resting in a foil tent while the corn and fries finish.