A couple months ago, my dear sweet husband decided to try sharpening a knife he gave to me for a Christmas present…not just any knife, a Shun Ken Onion chef's knife.  Using the wrong sharpener, the blade seemed to crumble.  The store where he purchased the knife said we could send it back to Shun for repair.  I thought it we would be without my favorite kitchen knife for too long…I searched on the internet for Seattle bladesmiths and found Kramer Knives, who is now in high demand for his custom culinary knives.  Kramer now only sharpens knives he has hand-crafted.  He recommends Bob Tate of Seattle Knife Sharpening.   Bob restored our knife to perfect condition (it maybe even sharper than from when the knife was purchased).  My husband and promised to never sharpen our Shun again–the price was very reasonable and the service was fast.