DSC_0166I promised this post a while back and with "the big game" yesterday, I finally made stuffed poppers on the big green egg and boy oh boy, they are delish.  I used my basic cream cheese stuffing recipe and added a couple tablespoons of Anne's Pesto Sundried Tomato.

I also placed thinly sliced bacon in a mixture of molasses and brown sugar to marinate while I mixed the cream cheese and prepared the jalapeno.  During this time, I also soaked some apple chips in water. 

You'll want your Big Green Egg around 250-275 degrees.  Add soaked wood chips. I used the inverter with the legs up and placed the peppers in an aluminum tin on the grill…and patiently waited about two hours…and it's worth the wait.   In fact, while you're waiting, I suggest throwing some gourmet sausages on any open space on your grill.  I picked up a few from Metropolitan Market…next time I'm going to make the trip to Pike Place Market to try some Uli's Sausage.

They are sweet, salty and smokey with just the right amount of heat.  I'll never cook poppers in the oven again if I'm able to smoke them on the Big Green Egg.