Not "really" a recipe…this is just what I "assembled" to go with our Washington Merlot virtual wine tasting on Twitter last night.

Metropolitan Market's mini-hamburger buns, or you can use small dinner rolls.

Fry pancetta or bacon in a non-stick pans.  I used sliced pancetta.

In a separate pan, saute sweet onions in a pan with olive oil until soft and golden.

I used Kobe beef but any ground sirloin (or hamburger) will do…not too lean or it won't be juicy!   I used a small cookie scooper to make balls the size of a golf ball and shaped into a hamburger patty.  Seasoned with freshly ground pepper.  Because I fried the burgers in the pancetta/bacon grease left over in the pan, I didn't add any salt.

Fry patties for just a few minutes on each side until they start to brown.

Split buns and add just a light spread of butter.  Put under broiler until golden.

Spread dijon mustard on the buns.

Add a burger with some grilled onions.

Top with cheese.  I had a nice blue and a manchego as options (I used blue).

Then add a piece of pancetta (or bacon) cut to fit on the mini burger.

Sliced tomato or lettuce are optional…I decided to skip it on these little morsels.