We had family over earlier this month to celebrate Mothers Day and May birthdays.  I love seafood paella but wasn't sure if the rest of my family would be okay with it so I decided to make a chicken version instead and serve clams cataplana on the side.  It was a hit! 

I think it really helps to have everything prepped in advance when making paella. 

The night before I marinated the chicken.  I used boneless chicken thighs and cut them in half.  In a glass bowl, I added some lemon juice, Spanish olive oil, paprika, saffron salt and pepper.  I found the smaller chunks of chicken worked better than the whole thighs, plus I was feeding a crowd.

I also sliced linguica (I decided not to do hard chorizo) and added fresh asparagus. 

Get your grill up to 400 degrees.   Add olive oil and fry the chicken pieces.  Add onions until they're soft and then add linguica (spicy sausage).   Next comes some garlic followed with rice.   Stir the rice around and then add  your liquids (white wine that has been warmed with saffron, chicken broth, etc.).   Give the Paella one last stir.

Close the lid and cook until rice just about cooked through and beginning to turn gold on the bottom.

Add your vegtables.  It's nice to create a design on top.  I used red peppers and aspargus for this Paella.  Fresh green beans work great too.