Breakfast Pizza

Inspired by the left over dough from my son's birthday party last night, I decided to try making a breakfast pizza.   I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen as a base.   It's baking in a 500 degree oven right now on a pizza stone, so I'm hoping the pizza turns out tasty enough to justify publishing this post!

I'm using pre-made dough from Trader Joes.  If you don't have time (or skill) to make your own dough, TJ's dough will come to the rescue.

After letting the dough set (probably should have taken the dough out earlier but I'm hungry!) I rolled it out to about 12 inches on a floured surface.   Of course you can split TJ's dough into smaller balls to make mini pizzas too.

I highly recommend making this pizza on top of parchment paper so you can easily slide the pizza onto and off of the stone.

I drizzled a little white truffle oil (potent stuff) and olive oil on top of the pizza crust for my base.

Add some shredded Parmesan cheese and sprinkle with chopped green and sweet onion (note: the onions were left from last night and combined or I'd probably just use the green for this recipe).

Add prosciutto (I was looking for my left over bacon from yesterday's sliders that I made to go with the pizzas…but silly me, no left over bacon.  Prosciutto should work great).

I have some sundried tomatoes hanging out in the fridge…so I added a couple of those.

Split some mozzarella balls into bite size pizza and scattered sparingly around the pizza.

Add fresh pepper and salt.

Put pizza on your pizza peel (or what ever you're using to get the pizza in and out of the oven).


Cracked 4 eggs on top of pizza towards the center.  WARNING:  eggs on cold pizza are far runnier than I expected.   I wound up having to quickly fold up corners to prevent the egg whites fromm running off the crust. 

The pizza taste delish!  HOWEVER, because I was writing this post, I wasn't keeping a sharp eye on my pizza and my eggs are overdone.   So I don't recommend writing a blog post while you're baking a pizza topped with eggs!   This pizza was done in about 5 minutes!   No complaints from hubby but it would be even better with the eggs cooked properly.


Don't let the over-cooked eggs fool you–this was a tasty breakfast and I'll make it again…without blogging next time!

PS:  I can't wait for Trader Joes to come to West Seattle! 

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  1. I made another breakfast pizza this morning with the same ingrediants except for I substituted bacon and and fresh sweet cherry tomatoes. The taste is great but I’m having issues cooking the egg. This time I was determined to not over cook my egg and my result was under-cooked pizza dough (we just ate the toppings–which was great). I must confess I’m really picky about having my egg whites completely cooked (no clear runny stuff) and my yolks nice and runny…so I’ve come to the conclusion that I either need to add the eggs later after the dough’s had time to cook OR simply pan fry my eggs (in bacon grease, of course) and top the finished breakfast pizza with pan fried eggs.


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