Three Easy Bruschettas


I have this in the "appetizer" category, however hubby and I actually enjoy this for dinner (and desert) too!.  Start with your basic bruschetta and top with…

Pictured left:  Fig jam, proscuitto or seranno ham, thin slice of manchego cheese, mint and a drizzle of balsalmic vinegar.

In the center, melt blue cheese or gorgonzola (I did this on the grill that was still warm from toasting the bruschetta and grilling the steak) and then add a peach or apricot preserves.

On the right: arugula, Parmesan, strip of freshly grilled New York steak with pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  Next time I make this bruschetta, I think I'm going to top it with a slice of cherry tomato.

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  1. Hi,

    Saw the “Three Easy Bruschettas” on your web site and wondered how to access the recipe for making them especially the “steak ” one #3 in the list.
    Always looking for great appetizers!



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