Grilled Figs wrapped in Prosciutto

I think just about anything is better when it's wrapped in prosciutto… I picked up some fresh figs that were on sale at Metropolitan Market in West Seattle the other day. When I got home, I wondered "now what?!!" 

I decided to grill them and this recipe is very easy, delicious and forgiving. 

Heat up your grill nice and hot (I used gas, for ease, but the Big Green Egg would do nicely too). The idea is to quickly crisp the prosciutto and over-melt the cheese.

I washed the figs and split them in half and placing them "flesh up" on a plate. 

Next I drizzled some honey over the flesh and topped each one with a spoonful of crumbled blue cheese.

Then I wrapped each half with a thin piece of prosciutto leaving the seam on the bottom of the fruit.

Place the bottoms (seam side) first on the hot grill.

It doesn't take long for the prosciutto to crisp, maybe a minute or two.  Once it's crisp, flip over for just a minute (if that) to warm up the cheese.  I didn't try to crisp the cheese side as I was afraid the blue cheese would ooze out of it.

Remove from grill and top with a little fresh pepper.





  1. One of my all time favorites! I’ll have to try the blue Cheese version. Yummy!

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