Cut one jalapeno in half and remove the stem and seeds (carefully!) and add to food processor with a bunch (roughly a cup) of cilantro leaves. Chop for 10 – 20 seconds in food processor.

Add juice of one lime and some salt and pepper to taste and give a couple pulses to mix.  NOTE: the next time I make this salsa, I think I'm going to finely grate some of the rind off of the lime to add to the salsa.

Add 5 medium tomatoes roughly chopped to the food processor. I did not seed my tomatoes as they weren't overly watery.  Pulse a couple times until in large chunks.

I did not have white or yellow onions on me so I was reduced to using a bunch of rough chopped green onions and know what, it turned out great!  Add green onions to the food processor and give it a few pulses until the salsa is at the consistency you prefer. I like some extra chunks so I diced one more tomato and added it to the salsa.


Hubby thinks we will never buy salsa again!