My neighbor has been raving about Big John's for years. She loves the cheese selection and great prices on imported foods. After the chef who was the instructor at the ravioli class I took at Sur La Table in Kirkland this weekend mentioned we could get "00 flour" for an affordable price, I had to stop by!  And I wish I would have listened to my neighbor sooner (but don't tell her that!!!) this place is a gem!

Big John's is located at 1001 6th Avenue South (aligned with Qwest Field) in Seattle tucked away what seems to be a pay parking lot.- there is no street signage.  You can see it by the red, white and green awning in front of the entrance.  As I mentioned, I went there for flour for the ravioli I'm going to make tonight and wound up leaving with flour at a much better price than what I picked up from the store, but also anchovie paste, wedges of cheese (the truffle pecorino is dangerously good), proscuitto and bomba rice for paella along with some other odds and ends at a much better price than what I see at other stores.


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