Grilled Broccoli on the Big Green Egg

The other day, I decided to toss our broccoli on the Big Green Egg to accompany the rib eye’s I had just finished grilling. Everyone loved them – even my step-son! The flavor is amazing and it’s very simple. I’m making grilled broccoli again tonight so I can share this with you.

Wash and chop (bigger pieces) your broccoli and toss it into a large plastic zip-lock baggie.

Drizzle olive oil.

Add fresh sea salt and pepper.

Toss onto hot grill.  Shut the lid for a minute or two, checking and turning often.  This probably only takes 5-6 minutes and is perfect to do while your steak (or what ever else you’ve just bbq’d) is resting.

You can sprinkle some parmesan cheese on this or lemon zest, but it’s really not necessary.  It’s seriously the best brocolli I’ve ever had! (Sorry, Mom!)

Tonight I serving this with my pasta salad and baby back ribs.

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  1. Grilled broccoli on the big Green egg what a fantastic idea.I had never heard of such a combination broccoli with egg what an interesting thought.I will definitely try this.

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