I'm not sure if these are shrimp or prawns – but I do know they're fresh because my husband and his buddies just plucked them from the Puget Sound with the beginning of shrimpin' season.

I'm following a combo of this recipe and my own paella experiments for cooking this tasty dish on the Big Green Egg.

Begin with simmering 4 cups of chicken broth with a generous amount of saffron.

2012-05-06 19.06.16
Saute onion and red bell pepper until soft in olive oil over a hot flame.

2012-05-06 19.11.37
Next add chorizo and garlic.

2012-05-06 19.13.03
Saute until everything begins to "meld".

2012-05-06 19.15.39

Add four cups of Bomba Rice (go to Big John's IPA for this and you'll save a fortune).

Stir around untl rice is well coated with oil and juices.

2012-05-06 19.19.55
Add chicken broth with saffron and arrange rice until everything seems evenly distributed. Then leave alone until it starts to boil.

Once the liquids cook down leaving about just 1/3, add the spot prawns and peas.

2012-05-06 19.53.29
I think of paella as an art form, I really try to make my dish look pretty.  We'll see how it looks once the shrimp are done.  I have not moved the rice and I've closed the lid on the Big Green Egg to let everything smoke until it's nice and done.

2012-05-06 20.07.14
Sprinkle with saffron salt and pepper and serve!